Winona Powder is dedicated to meeting your needs! Winona Powder has two locations and four automatic coating lines. We stock over 50 different powders and can color match to meet your specific color and environmental requirements. We can coat steel and aluminum parts, gray iron castings, aluminum castings and aluminum extrusions, as well as many other surfaces. Winona Powder Coating has its own fleet of tractors, trailers, and flatbeds to get your coated product to where it needs to go.

Types of Coating

Powder Coating - Epoxy - Polyester - Hybrids - Vinyl – Nylon – Plastisol

Winona Powder Coating’s Etna Green production facility is a UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approved coating facility!  If your products require UL certification Winona is the powder coating supplier who can meet your needs.  

brands we stock include

Our Services


Both of our locations offer wheelabrating services. A "white metal" surface is great for accepting many paint types and promotes durability and strength in your final product.

Abrasive Blasting

Our Etna Green plant offers Abrasive Blasting services. Abrasive Blasting is a process of smoothing and cleaning a hard surface by forcing abrasive materials such as black oxide across it at high speeds.

Fluid Bed Dipping

Fluid bed dipping is the solution to coating difficult parts. It offers a heavy, uniform coating. The process is ideal for parts that need to be coated in tight corners and traditionally tough areas to get coating.

Ancillary Services

In addition to cleaning and coating, we also offer assembly operations as well as drilling, tapping, and packaging services. We can also provide warehousing services and value added distribution.

Laser Scale Removal