Our Mission

Winona Powder Coating is dedicated to providing our customers with products of the highest quality, the quickest turnaround and the most economical price.


About Us

Winona Powder Coating currently serves customers in the following industries: Foundry, Agriculture, Military, RV, Cargo Trailer, Automotive, Marine, Heavy Industry, Construction, Electrical Equipment, Plumbing, and Government. Winona Powder Coating operates two facilities, a 167,000 square foot facility in Etna Green, IN and a 50,000 square foot facility in Elkhart, IN. Our facilities are operated with the latest in industrial automation. Winona Powder Coating has a state of the art powder coating line with a 5 stage washer, automatic and manual coating booths, and a digital controlled oven. In total, Winona Powder Coating has four coating lines. Our Etna Green facility can coat parts up to 72 inches high by 36 inches wide and up to 24 feet in length. Our Elkhart facility can coat parts up to 42 inches high by 76 inches wide by 264 inches in height. Due to the size and capabilities of our facilities, we possess great operational efficiency which we can pass on to our customers. Winona Powder Coating is capable of coating diverse materials, such as, epoxy, polyester, hybrids, vinyl, nylon, and plastisol. We stock over 50 different powders and can color match to meet your specific color and environmental requirements. In addition to your normal powder coating needs we can handle your difficult projects. When other coaters just cannot meet your specific needs Winona can meet the challenge.


Our History

Winona Powder Coating has been in business since 1974 and started powder coating in 1979 making it one of the first powder coating operations to open in the state of Indiana. Winona has powder coated over one billion dollars’ worth of customers’ parts in the past 34 years. Both of Winona Powder Coating’s original facilities were relocated due to increasing product demand. The original facility in Elkhart operated a 20,000 square foot facility from 1992-2003. In 2003, Winona Powder Coating relocated to the current 50,000 square foot facility. Winona Powder Coating’s second property was a 30,000 square foot facility in Mentone, IN. The Mentone location operated from 1991 to 2013 then was relocated to a 167,000 square foot facility in Etna Green, IN.


Our Team

Winona Powder Coating prides itself with it flawless products, but it is our team of employees that we values the most. Our Operations Manager has over 36 years of experience of powder coating in job shops. Both Plant Managers at our Elkhart facility and our Etna Green Facility have over 26 years of experience, and the Line Supervisors that report to them have an average of 10 years of experience. Winona Powder Coating is focused on finding and retaining experienced plant personnel and believes that great coating is accomplished by providing a great environment where employees are valued.


Our Clients